Shikoku EV Rally Festival


EV Rally Festival in Shikoku

Event at Asty Tokushima


The next day, they held the EV EVent at Tokushima. It was also start event of rally 2nd stage.
"Tokushima citizen's lecture for environment" was held to promote environmental thinking specially about EVs. First lecturer was Prof. Shimizu our teacher.
Prof. Miyashita who is the promoter of this Shikoku EV challenge.
Mr. Kagawa from Mitsubishi material
He joined this rally with their new converted EV. He had been promoting Solar car and entried WSC World Solarcar Challenge.
Then Ms. Idota from Aichi EV club.
She joined EV hand craft school 1st just like me, but nobody among student of school 1st has more activity than her.
Start of Rally 2nd stage
Converted EVs, scooters bikes and Hybrid EV (prius) came together. Most of them came from west side of Japan. We are the only team from Kanagawa pref. and I think one from Tokyo.
Bikes, I can say bicycles
The rally winner team No-Tenki's FTO.
This EV has Litium-ion battery. Everybody can understand the reason of this victory. But Mr. Suzuki the driver said Litium battery is not good at this time. He want more amp.
Porsche 911 EV
It was 911 SCS. To change EV means to drive long time. But I want drive Porsche with IC engine.
What we could do was .....tell us?
What we could do was eating Udon noodle that was spcial product of Kagawa. We ate ate ate ate.....ate Udon so much.
We came back via "Akashi Kaikyo" bridge that completed construction this year. Can you see the bridge over us? And over this bridge there is the main land of Japan.

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