90&74 type Tank Japan Ground Self-defence Force

Part 2

Riding 74 type Tank.
There are many differences between 90 & 74. Among these the big one is turning mechanism. Tank also needs mechanism like differential gear unit when it turns. While 74 turns with breaking inside track, 90 turns accelerating outside track with pump unit just like Honda's viscous coupling 4WD system.
Another big difference, 90 tank has automatic transmission (AT) with fluid coupling like a usual car. 74 tank has semi-automatic that makes need to use clutch accelerating from standstill.
After the ride, I sat down the 74 tank's driver seat though it was wet. There were bar handle like a bike and 74 has 3 pedals as I said it has semi-automatic transmission. Gear shift bar was also like a bike 1-N-2-3-4-5-6, my offroad bike Honda has 6 speed, it was same order.
Range of vision was very bad. it has only tiny square of window that has marker for visual estimation.
90 type tank.
I must say about the rate of fuel consumption. It will use 4-5 litter of fuel per kilo meter (4-5 l/km). To use km/litter as usual car, 200 meter to 250 meter per a litter.
Took a souvenir picture on 90 tank.
Thanks to all difence force people to arrange this ride. There were so many students want to ride a tank.
We had a lunch in the dining hall of the diffence force's Fuji scholl. There are also many civilians who are freshmans in some companies to have a training workshop, army workshop.
I think next year our camp to make EV conversion will held in this army scholl instead of EV conversion. No?
It was the time ASEAN's meeting was held. The presentaion of difence force was scheduled, they had a rehearsals. We had a chance to see this rehearsal, we could play roles of VIP in ASEAN meeting.
This is a 91 type bridge carrier which is the tallest vehicle in the ground difence force.
96 type WAPC(Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrior).
APC must make a move with tank corps. 96 type is 8 wheeled APC not tracks. 73 APC's ride confort was worst among those we could take a ride. Maybe it would be the reason to change battlefield taxi into a wheeled vehicle I think.
MLRS (Multuiple Launch Rocket System) M270
This is one of the most expensive weapon, about 2,000,000,000 yen for one vehicle. Vehicles named XX type like 90 type are the weapons made in Japan. You will see that MLRS without year name is American. Many people know this because this weapon was used in the Gulf War.
After seeing the rehearsal, buying souvenirs, we went back home.
The day we went to ride was the first day Mt.Fuji got covered with snow in this year. I saw many people taking photos of Mt.Fuji. I also took a photo from Hakone. It is said that Mt.Fuji is beautiful and symbolizes Japanese heart, I can agree.

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