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1997.4.20 Photo at Keio Univ. Syonan Fujisawa Campus

A small but high performance, high safety and comfortable electric vehicle named "Luciole" was developed by "Eco-Vehicle Project" that The National Institute for Environmental Studies leaded .

"luciole" diary, Feel firefly

Luciole's POINT

New Technologys

Luciole Equipments

Luciole Specs

Dimensions length 3.295m
width 1.20m
height 1.335m
Weight Seating Capacity 2,or 1+2 children
Curb weight 910kg
Performance Range 290km ( 40km/h constant )
140 km ( 80km/h constant )
190 km ( 4-mode schedule )
130 km (10/15 mode)
Converted fuel consumption (10/15 mode) 50 km/l ( 68.5 Wh/km )
Max Speed 150 km/h
Running Performance 17.9 sec. (0-400m)
3.9 sec.(0-40km/h)
Motors and Inverter Motor Type Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Max Torque 77 Nm x 2 ( 0-4470 rpm )
Max Power 36 kw(49PS) x 2
Max Rev. 8700 rpm
Control type PWM
Module type IGBT
Batteries type Sealed Lead - Acid
Current capacity, Voltage 40Ah,4V
Amount of energy/Voltage 8.9Wh/224V
Batteries weight 269kg


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