Recaro Ergomed-DS


This is a real electric seat.

I bought Recaro again. This time, one for driver seat. I set Recaro DV before which has seat heater and recaro vent (ventilation fan). Though it has electric height setting, reclining was manual. This time I bought DV which has full electrical adjustment including reclining but without heater and ventilation. So I must seat myself by turns to experience full function of those.
Matter of fact, I saw the japanese agency of recaro said on their web site that my K12 micra didn't fit recaro ergomed-D series when it was used with their seat rail. But I also saw some people tried to fit comfort line recaro to their car with third pary seat rail. They say that what we need is 20mm steel spacer. Everything is possible. I bought seat rails from net auction and 20mm spacer and M8 cap bolt and nut from car shop.
I started the installation early in the Saturday morning. I finished without any problem. Only thing I must say is seat position became higher to compared with Nismo's seat.

Shiro Matsugara