EV Conversion


EV86 Convert

Part 4

97-7-23 Group Work

I didn't take picture 22nd July, so 23rd July.
Motor mount part had finished. The blue painted part is motor mount. We call this mount part "proto-type", because we changed this to rubber mounted type. Without rubber something would be broken because of running vibration.
Motor controller.
There is radiator to cool IGBT module. It supposed to be exposed to wind. There was problem where to set up. We made much of safety, we set up in the cabin.
The cabin. We took off carpet and under coat that prevent noise. After pulled off under coat, we painted floor gray.
designing battery case.
It is too much to say design. He measured battery size and wrote plan on a slip of paper.
Boring the battery case.
As they made box first, they could not use boring machine but hand drill.
Polishing painted part.
We painted parts what we made blue "Honda Civic's" blue. We like this blue.

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