EV Conversion


EV86 Convert

Part 5

97-7-24 Group Work

Setting up "Kill Switch" that stops every power of the car.
Around suspension we changed rear spring and rear shocks because we load batteries on the rear of the car. We also changed break pad.
Cutting wood.
I have never mentioned the material of battery case. It is wood. Maybe it looks not good, but exactly it is low cost, easy to work, and good insulation.
Electronic Group.
They made DC-DC converter that makes 12V-DC from 264V-DC from the batteries. They looks tired.
"The Madonna" the olny girl in this research group appered.
We named break assist switch after her name. Because engine generate negative pressure, no engine no break assist. So we installed vacuume pump. Using vacuume pump, we must put on M-SW. "Miyazono switch". Vehicle being made heavier, girl cannot stop the vehicle without this switch.
Can you see many disposable cups on the table. We wrote name on this disposable cup to re-use this cup. In the room we had air conditioner, out of the room it was so hot. We need pet botteled juices and tea, but it run short soom.

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