EV Conversion


EV86 Convert

Part 7

97-8-1 Second period

After few days, we restarted work again.
Basically what we left in the fist period was wiring.
We moved place of the car. There was roof, it made us better.
We had to wire high voltage to drive motor and low voltage that is 12V to use flash light and etc. We didn't have wiring diagram, it was hard work to find wire to use.
Many wire of the car is for the purpose of engine control. We don't have IC engine anymore, we found that wire to cut down. Wire is a heavy component of the vehicle.
After cutting down the wire, we found he also cut the wire of break light.
Made holes for wiring.
For the high voltage wiring we used thick one, he had to make big holes.
It seemed to became EV, not yet at that time.
It had not throttle.

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